How To Create An Inspiring Office & Workspace As An Entrepreneur

Gregory Meredith

Gregory Meredith

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The entrepreneurial path gives us the opportunity for flexibility in our work environment. Oftentimes, we are able to work from anywhere, as long as we are creating a place that we can center. What’s important to you in creating a space?

This week I'll focus on some things that we’ve found essential for creating an inspiring space in which to work. In this post I’ll share what I've learned in hopes that it helps you too!

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Having a Clean & Clear Space

The less clutter outside, the more literal space you have to work with. Also, internally there’s a feeling of having more room for the mind to focus and the energy to circulate. It’s also about the little things.

Personally, I like for the bed to be made, the kitchen to be clean, and the floors to be swept. In our experience, this is easiest by consistently maintaining our space—meaning cleaning our messes as we’re making them. This leads into the next one which is…

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Creating a Quiet, Peaceful, & Inspiring Space

I’ve found that having a quiet space not only creates a peaceful environment, but less obstructions so that other sounds can be introduced. For instance, Melissa, my partner, and I both tend to work with headphones on. So it’s not to say that we need a totally quiet environment to work, but really what it’s about is having the right kind of audio input.

Also, we have a one year old, and it’s essential for us to work while she is taking naps. The quieter our environment, the easier it is for her to sleep. Although we’ve found that some white noise can be helpful.

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How to Set the Tone for the Day

In the morning, I like to set the tone for the day by doing our morning rituals which involve bathing, eating, perhaps drinking tea, pulling some tarot cards and runes, resetting our altar, and putting out some fresh flowers. Maybe I’ll burn some incense or start our essential oil diffuser.

Maybe we’ll go on a walk outside. Maybe we’ll go to our favorite cafe, or put on some good vibes music. Whatever it is, it’s all about doing the nourishing things that fill us up so we’re excited to see what the day brings.

Learn to Find Your Rhythm

Things change. To embrace this fundamental truth, I’ve found that tuning into my individual rhythm — as well as our rhythms that we share as a family — is game changing. It’s all about refining the process over time and allowing things to change.

We may find that a certain order of tasks works really well for a time. Or we may want to introduce more or less structure to our day. Setting reminders for even the smallest of tasks can be very helpful.

It’s useful for us to have some sort of loose schedule for the day, and even have daily goals along with our weekly and longer-range goals. This helps keep us from getting overwhelmed.

We aren’t afraid to set certain expectations for ourselves, and yet don’t get too out of sorts if we don’t complete every item on our list. There’s always tomorrow. However, creating our own schedule helps keep us from getting overwhelmed.

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Embrace Adaptability

Let go of things needing to be a certain way, and make sure not to rely too much on certain external comforts. The truth is, sometimes that familiar comfort isn't there.

Lately I’ve been traveling more, so I’ve had to create our own little makeshift spaces on the fly. This can require a bit of patience, but oftentimes it can be very creatively stimulating and fun.

Remaining flexible with our routine has saved us a lot of stress. On days where there are a lot of things I need to get done, I try to make a little list, and focus on one thing at a time—step by step.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s focus on setting the space. Being an entrepreneur gives us a lot of freedom in determining what kind of space(s) we get to work in. Putting more thought and intention into the creation of your workspace can make a world of a difference in the quality of your work.

Looking for More Inspiration?

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Bring the Elements into Your Work Ritual

How can you bring natural elements into your work routine?

Fire — Try lighting a candle or stick of incense on your desk periodically throughout your work day. Maybe you have a fireplace or an outdoor fire pit you can work nearby. Fire connects us to the light of inspiration.

Air — On your breaks, try going outside and breathing in some fresh air. Maybe there’s some trees near by you, or you have indoor plants. Send them some gratitude for providing an oxygen-rich environment and just generally being awesome.

Water — Remember to drink water throughout the day. Maybe you’re like us and like to have a tea setup nearby and sip some cups of tea on your breaks. Maybe you have a stream or body of water nearby that you can dip your toes into.

Earth — Throughout the day try noticing your posturing and the ground beneath you that is supporting your body. Notice the surface you are sitting on. Maybe you could try going outside and putting your bare feet on the earth for 15 minutes, or simply going for regular walks.

Ether — Working remotely we’re constantly working with space. The nature of work is very etheric. Our computers are made of minerals—crystals. If you’re feeling really frisky, bust out a crystal—quartz and fluorite are great for computer work—to have on your workstation.

Wrapping Up

Creating a space that supports productivity is essential for any entrepreneur. Luckily, it’s not too hard to create an ideal work environment if you take the time to think about what works best for you.

Whether you need a quiet and peaceful place to focus or a creative space where you can take risks, I hope these tips have given you some ideas on how to set up your own perfect workspace. What does your ideal workspace look like?

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